SCCS has basketball teams on the middle school and varsity levels this year. Basketball season runs November through February, with practices beginning in October. All students are permitted to play, those 7th grade and up must have a "c" average with no "f" 's. Students 7th grade and up must also have the Sports Physical form filled out before the season begins. SCCS competes in the Tennessee Association of Christian Schools athletic division for regional and state tournaments.

Dear Parents,

Basketball season is here. Jv boys school practice will be held from 2:20-3:30 each day. If your child wishes to play they need to be at practice each day or let Mr. koster know ahead of time they will be absent. Sports physical forms for students 7th grade and up will be given out in practice and must be turned in before the first game (these are valid for 1 year). All students must fill out the other forms required as well. The $50 athletic fee must be paid by November 11.

Jvg, jv, and vb school practice will begin October 25 from 3:30-5:00 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

2016-2017 Basketball Schedule
November 11 Cedarview jvg, jvb, vg, vb 4:00

18 Mt. Pisgah jvg, jvb, vg, vb 4:00

28 at Fairview jvb, jvg, vb 3:00

December 2 at Shenandoah jvb, vg, vb 4:00
  5 at All Saints eb, jvb 5:00

6 at Cornerstone vg, vb 6:00

8 CAS vg, vb 6:00

13 at Calvary jvb, jvg, vb 5:00

16 at TCCS jvg, jvb 5:00
  19 at Mt. Pisgah eb 5:15

20 First Baptist vg 5:00

20 at Apostolic vb 7:30

January 10 Apostolic vb 6:30

13 Shenandoah jvb, vg, vb 4:00

19 TCCS jvg, jvb 5:00
  20 Calvary eb, jvb, jvg, vb 4:00

24 at Cedar View jvg, jvb, vg, vb 4:00

27 All Saints eb, jvb 5:00

31 Fairview jvb, jvg, vb 4:00

February 2 at Mt. Pisgah jvg, jvb, eb, vg, vb 3:30
  6 Knox. Christian vg 6:00 

7 at CAS jvb, vg, vb 5:00

9 at Temple vg, vb 6:00

14 Cornerstone vg, vb 6:00

16-17 TACS JV Tournament jvg, jvb

March 2-4 TACS Varisty State Tournament vg, vb

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